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Review Roundup – November 9th to 15th, 2020

I had to keep up with those Neary brothers.

Continuing with OIivia Gaines’ Modern Mail Order Bride series, I completed the Neary Brothers’ trilogy, but not much else .

Buckeye and the Babe by Olivia Gaines

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cabrina Robinson just wanted to make sure that her friend was okay, and Gabriel Neary apparently had all the answers. A quickie wedding and a cross-country road trip changes both of their lives for the better.

I think I’d call this section of Gaines’ Modern Mail Order Brides series The Neary Brothers trilogy. It does a good amount of world-building, and is technically simultaneous. I like it thought because all three couples are, in their own way, unique, although there is a fault in here that I’d have to talk about at a later date.

Speaking of faults, while there are some very minor mistakes – very glaring one is Mrs. Robinson’s first name being Courtney at several points and Constance at other. As a Courtnee myself, I have never been aware of it being a nickname for Constance.

That being said, I thought this one was a good read. Spending so much time in this series really showed me the growth in Gaines writing, and I really appreciate how well done this series is.

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Bleu, Grass, Bourbon by Olivia Gaines

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

DeShondra Leman was not looking for love when she met Isaiah Neary. But when she finds herself pregnant for him after they’d only been dating for three months, she begins to realize that life is really only what you make of it.

Of the three Neary brothers, Isaiah’s story was the one I had really been waiting to read so I appreciate that Gaines allowed three months to pass in the timeline between Gabe’s story and this one.

Again, only minor mistakes, but I think Gaines was becoming a pro at hiding them at this point. This book is the final one in the Neary trilogy, and I believe Isaiah is only referenced in The Technicians series, so I don’t think we see these characters again.

Still, it was a good end to this arc in the series.

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