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Review Roundup – December 7th to 20th, 2020

I detoured back to Amarie Avant as my 99th and 100th read for 2020, and boy can she write some smut.

I was out of town, so I missed last week, but I was able to get make 100 books read for 2020.

Fearless by Amarie Avant

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vassili Resnov is the Killer Karo, and fighting is his life until he meets Zariah Washington. Zariah walks into Vassili’s gym in a case of mistaken identity, but gets much more than she bargained for when the fighter takes an interest in her.

I liked this story. It’s well-written, and it delivers on what it promises. Vassili is a little scary in his initial pursuit of Zariah, but it definitely works out in the end.

I intend to read this entire series, but I think it’s obvious that Amarie Avant is pretty good at what she does.

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Fearless II by Amarie Avant

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Zariah Resnov has been through a lot in a few months, but with the love of her husband, Vassili, she can make it work out. Except someone’s pulling the strings in the background, and Zariah has to realize that you can’t leave the bratva.

So not the best summary, but you get it.

Avant does a bit more fleshing out of Zariah and Vassili’s relationship, with some minor hiccups. The transitions weren’t as smooth as they could have been, and a few mistakes managed to survive the final draft. Still, it was a good bridge between the first book and the finale.

I like that Avant has the characters talk about how Vassili’s childhood affects their relationship. Zariah is her own brand of stubborn, but I hope that she learns better in the next book.

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