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Review Roundup – March 16th to 21st, 2021

Even easy reads can surprise you.

This week I ramped up my Reading Challenge with what I thought would be easy reads while I tried to make my way through an ARC. All of these reads surprised me in some way: three of them in their goodness and the fourth for how it fell short.

It was a good week on my Kindle, though. I definitely enjoyed it.

Trapped Into Marriage by Dez Burke

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Three Stars

Keyonna Hayes has a habit of doing impulsive things, which ends up getting her into a situation with Nick Vitale. But what happens when what was supposed to be a marriage of convenience turns out to be so much more?

I read this one because someone in a Facebook group that I’m in said that Dez Burke was what started her in reading BWWM romances. I’ve wasted my money on worse, but I was honestly intrigued. It wasn’t the best, but I can’t say I didn’t like it.

The thing about Trapped Into Marriage is that it has a lot of good plot points, but it doesn’t deliver the way it should. The ex-boyfriend, the jealous sister, and the stepmother REALLY should have done more damage, considering the setup. It just didn’t play out as well as it should have.

But those sex scenes were good! Very passionate. I think the build-up of Keyonna and Nick’s attraction to each other is what really got me to continue.

Ultimately, I wouldn’t really recommend it except as something that fell short of its full potential. Three stars though, because I did enjoy the read.

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Loving Man by Bailey West

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alexander Northcutt was in over his head with a new baby, but Angelica Saint Rose swooped in to help. Now that they’ve formalized their working relationship, can they find their way into a more intimate one?

I don’t know what made me pick up this book, but I couldn’t really put it down. The characters were great and the drama was just right. Should Bailey West decide to make a series with the other characters, I’d be happy to return.

There’s a minor formatting issue with how the chapters are broken up toward the back end of the book, but it doesn’t take away from anything and I’m sure it had something to do with the conversion.

I recommend this one to those whole like the “hot boss and the nanny” stories. I get it; I liked Angel’s relationship with the son just as much I liked hers with the father.

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Blood Contract Baby: BWWM Mafia Romance by Raven Rivers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Surprisingly Good

After a messy breakup, Michele was out to find herself a good one-night stand and Konstantin turned out to be the best she ever had. Except, she didn’t expect to get pregnant, or for her baby daddy to be a contract killer with a debt to pay.

You know, in all my time of reading BWWM romances – especially these mafia ones – I tried to stay away from these ones that seemed to have the premise in the title. I always expected them to trash. Imagine my surprise that this one was actually good.

The sex was good, but the author gave most of the attention to the plot. The heroine gave realistic thought to how her child’s father being involved in the Russian mafia would be dangerous for them. She never had to be “about that life”. Michele came into and left the book just as regular as she always was.

I recommend it to the “Surprise Baby” crowd, as well as the “Mafia Bae” crowd. It’s a nice, quick read that’s actually pretty good.

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Die For You by Amarie Avant

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Banger

Chevelle and Leith McKenzie have been together since they were teenagers, trying hard to distance themselves from their families. Except that doesn’t always work, because the past can never JUST stay in the past.

Amarie Avant hasn’t missed with me since The Good Mistress part 2. Avant does dysfunctional relationships very well, and writes childhood sweethearts just like I like them: clingy.

I like that Avant gives you a full novel. It’s always as fleshed-out as it can possibly be. You might have a question or two at the end, but, if there are any loose ends Avant ties it up with an alternate epilogue.

This story is about grief, trauma, and how that impacts what was supposed to be a perfect love. I recommend it to anyone who likes a good Dark Romance with a great secondary plot.

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