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Review Roundup – April 12th to 25th, 2021

This week I read some arranged marriage books to help me through a suspense novel.

These last two weeks were dedicated to reading my way through an ARC, and then getting some easy reads in when the ARC got to be too much. I’ve learned that Enemies to Lovers might not be my thing, and Suspense Thrillers can and will go there. Thank God for Modern Royalty.

Free-Falling by King Ellie

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Ainslee Bishops and Jagger Hamlon absolutely hate each other, but they’ve been betrothed since birth so they’re stuck. Things aren’t always what they seem though, so Ainslee and Jagger may just have a chance.

I feel like the author told me more than she showed me, and not in a good way. There didn’t seem to be a lot of transitions in this book, things just seemed to happen as they came. I know that we want villains to be villains, but I would have appreciated some explanations from the villains we got.

The sex was hot, don’t get me wrong, but it was pretty angry in the beginning, so be aware of that. There are definitely some eye-brow-raising moments that, again, we don’t get full answers for.

To my memory, King Ellie was a recommendation from my reading group, but this wasn’t to her credit in my opinion. Still, if you like hot sex and drama for the sake of drama, then this one is for you.

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The Prince’s Bride Part 1 by J.J. McAvoy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Really Good

Odette Wyntour has found herself bound to the confines of her father’s will, and Prince Gale is bound by his father’s illness. The only way out is to marry each other, but that’s easier said than done.

I like that this is a 3-part series, because it makes the slow burn worth it. Gale and Odette are easy to get behind because we are getting the chance to understand them. Odette’s family drama is nuanced, Gale’s family tragedies just work.

That being said, I loved this book and I intend to read the whole series. I recommend it to anyone who likes arranged marriages, modern royalty, and black girls being great.

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The Prince’s Bride Part 2 by J.J. McAvoy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Odette Wyntour had intended to go to Ersovia to get a divorce for her secret absentee husband, but Gale Monterrey managed to get her to change her mind. However, when one is marrying into a monarchy, can love be enough?

This follow up was pretty dang good. I like that, in both books, you’re very surprised by the cliffhanger even if you have an idea of what it could be. Like I figured Arthur dying was an option, but seeing it play out still shocked me. The villain reveal was an idea, but I was still surprised when it came out.

I like that it was realistic, all things considered. All of it made sense in context. I wanted to read the third book to see what else happens, even though I know that the main story has ended here.

This series is a definite recommend for those who like royals, romance, and taking charge of your destiny.

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The Prince’s Bride: Beginning Forever by J.J. McAvoy

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sweet Ending

Now that Gale and Odette are married, the story doesn’t end at their fairytale wedding. With political machinations and scandals abound, the happy couple have a lot to deal with before their first anniversary.

While there were some minor grammatical issues, I felt that this sequel was well-written. The author did enough work with the traditions and the politics of it to make it all seem very real.

I liked the characters, but I kind of wish that we went to Gale and Odette’s third (official) anniversary, if only so we could fulfill the stipulations of Odette’s father’s will. The decision not to return to the will, and then having Gale question the validity of their court marriage, leaves us with more questions that could have been easily answered.

Ultimately, I liked the story and I’ll be happy to recommend it in conjunction with the rest of the series. It was refreshing and very sweet, and I can see myself giving the author a chance with another of her books because of it.

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The Other Nadia Bisset by C.A. Wittman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In C A Wittman’s The Other Nadia Bisset, Carla Bisset faces every parent’s worst nightmare when she wakes up to find one of her twins missing. And while many may have thought that Carla was crazy to trust a stranger, the kidnapper may have been closer than they all knew.

There was so much going on with this book, I felt like I needed to start a bookTube just so I could do a spoilers review. The Other Nadia Bisset touches on a lot of subjects, like incest, pedophilia, obsession, racism, mixed babies who look nothing like their mother, not having a good support system as a young mother, and some good old-fashioned adultery. Carla Bisset goes through quite a bit during this book, and I think what plagues her the most is how much of it is withheld from her.

When I first started this novel, I felt like Wittman was telling me way too much. I knew Krista Temple was the kidnapper long before she actually took one of the babies. To be fair, I felt like I knew the outcome from the summary that was posted on BookSirens, but the full reveal blew me away in the end. So, I ultimately came to like how Wittman would tell you things, and then flesh it out later.

Ultimately, I liked this book. The jury is still out on whether I would read the sequel, but I wouldn’t outright say no. There’s definitely a good bit of suspense, thrill, and the reveals are worth the read. I would recommend this to any fan of suspense thrillers.

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