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#FridayReads – Christine Ow’s His Safe Haven

This post is invalid, but I already wrote it. It stays.

So, I am personally of the belief that if I’ve bothered to read an ARC, I should bother to review it. And not just a small GoodReads and Amazon snippet, but a full post. I have no idea if I’ll pull that off today, but you know I’ll try. 

In Christina Ow’s His Safe Haven, Rafe Deluca II decides that a work trip is a great way to take a break from his life. Talia McKenna just wants to do the one thing her bosses want so that she can get her project approved and buy her dream house. Falling in love with each other isn’t something that either wanted, but it happens anyway. 

I don’t remember what the hook was for this book. I’m pretty sure the author said “free book”, and I felt like I should read it. I really need to do better. 

His Safe Haven feels unfinished. Like, it’s honestly a complete story, but there’s so much left out that I really need the author to write a sequel. That project Talia wanted pushed through? Never explained. The work reason that Rafe chose this particular office? Couldn’t tell you. Even the assistant disappears after a while.

I’ll be the first to agree that a third act breakup is unnecessary, but the setup was there and the author just decided to scrap that whole part of the story. 90% of the book goes by, and it’s astonishing how much real life is not pushing in. Like I appreciate the chance for the couple to really grow to something with each other, but I can’t consider this an HEA because I’m not seeing this relationship being tested so I know it won’t survive the real conflict. 

And maybe that’s what the author wanted, but it still doesn’t stop the book from needing more. 

I’ll be honest though, I like it. It’s an Alpha-hole romance, and I don’t understand why I like those, but I just do. Talia was awesome, and refused to let Rafe rule her. Rafe was interestingly imperfect, and I wished we had gotten deeper with him. 

I don’t know this author’s work well, but I think I would read more if she continued this story. It’s really for people who like a slice of life – but still extraordinary due to the billionaire element – romance with no need for an epilogue.

Not me, though. But y’all stay well. 

So here’s me coming back to this review, days after writing it, only to find out that this is a prequel. And that totally explains why it felt so unfinished, but do you think that will make me rewrite this post? No ma’am. 

Knowing what I know now, this book is a solid three and I am very likely to go and check out the first book. 

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