Fan Girl X

Within maybe a month or two of creating a Tumblr (so sometime in 2012), I made a secondary account just to hold any and everything I had ever considered myself a fangirl of. Almost immediately,  was making gif reaction posts and reblogging all of my favorite fandoms with fervor. Eventually, I put my decade’s worth of experience with fan fiction to good use, and began to write recommendations and reviews for the ones that I considered noteworthy. It took a while, but eventually I began to reap the benefits of doing something with the things that I am passionate about.

Fuck Yeah Underground Music

My friend, Annique, and I originally started this website as a fan Tumblr for Allen Stone after going to see him few years ago. Most of the posts were dedicated to his music and when he’s touring. We reblogged a lot of the content that he was tagged in, but I also wrote up reviews of his shows and any music that he put out. We tried to be objective, but we were, ultimately, still fans.

Eventually, I began to realize that the site could not survive if it continued to be just about Allen Stone. So we changed the name to F Yeah Underground Music, and dedicated it to singers and musicians who are not popular or heavily recognized on the American music scene. Currently all of the content is embedded music videos and audio files from sites like YouTube and SoundCloud, with minor write-ups about the featured artist.

Since switching the focus of the site, its followership has grown much more steadily than it did when it was solely focused on Allen Stone.

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