Fandom Following / The Fandomentals

At the beginning of the year, I started writing meta for Fandom Following. Recently the site was rebranded as The Fandomentals. Here is a list of all of my posts.

#RenewMinorityReport: The Problem With Lara Vega’s Love Life

There is No Other: Leia Organa’s Viability as The Backup Plan

5 Reasons to #RenewMinorityReport

Anakin Skywalker Never Had A Chance

The Riverdale Casting

#RenewMinorityReport – What Now? 

The Gang’s All Here: The Riverdale Casting pt. II

The Bait and the Vessel: The Dynamic of Vader and Sidious

An Ode to Laurel Lance

Game of Thrones Season Six Premiere Live-Blog

Adventures in Fangirling: Boys Over Flowers

Game of Thrones Season Six Episode Two Live-Blog

Your Problematic Fave: Korean Dramas

Game of Thrones Season Six Episode 8 Live-Blog

Adventures in Fangirling: Blind Fandom

Game of Thrones Season Six Episode 9 Live-Blog

Game of Thrones Season Six Episode 10 Live-Blog

This Week in K-Dramas: My Love From Another Star

Gaslighting For Beginners

A Tale of Two Howards

The Get Down Ain’t For Everybody

Everybody Has A Secret In The Get Down

The Get Down Talks About Summer Blackouts

The Flash Won’t Let Wally West Be Great

The Flash‘s Frustrating “Paradox”

Magenta Means The Flash Should Have Had Higher Ratings

The Flash‘s New Rogues Are Actually Old Favorites

The Flash‘s Monster is Pretty Meh

The Flash‘s Shade is Not Actually About Shade

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