The Rainbow Hub

For the last two months of 2015, I wrote review articles for The Rainbow Hub. At the time, I reviewed Amazon’s Red Oaks and Fox’s Empire, but The Rainbow Hub has since stopped posting new material. It’s sad to see it gone, but I loved the experience.

Red Oaks: 1.1 Pilot and 1.2 Doubles Review

Empire: 2.6 A High Hope For a Low Heaven Review

Red Oaks: 1.3 The Wedding and 1.4 MDMA Review

Empire: 2.7 True Love Never Review

Red Oaks: 1.5 The Fourth of July and 1.6 Swingers Review

Empire: 2.8 My Bad Parts Review

Red Oaks: 1.7 Body Swap and 1.8 After Hours Review

Empire: 2.9 Sinned Against Review

Red Oaks: 1.9 The Bar Mitzvah and 1.10 Labor Day Review

Empire: 2.10 Et Tu, Brute? Review

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