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Talking Heads

Ever since I started listening to podcasts, my goal has been to actually get on one. I eventually want to have one of my own, but I figured being on someone else’s would at least start the process. Last month, my dream came true and I got to guest on 2 podcasts and one video cast all within a 3 week timeframe.

Here’s the results:

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The Hill You Choose To Die On

Recently, I wrote a post for Fandom Following called “Blind Fandom”, as part of an ongoing “Adventures In Fangirling” series. The intention of the post was to talk about how one should be aware of the things that go on both in their fandoms and the franchises that those fandoms are centered around. However, the comments ended up devolving into both a critique and defense of the way that the site I write for criticizes Game of Thrones. So that brought me to this thought: when arguing about fandom, even before you decide to pick your battle, you have to be sure that this particular fandom is the hill you want to die on.

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In My Room

So I’m a couple of days behind with Every Day Inspiration, and I wanted to do Day Six because of how it connects to something later on down the road.

I write in my room because it’s my safe space. The walls are a light blue, and the furniture is a mahogany brown. I’m surrounded by my books, music, movies, and everything else that comforts me. Sometimes I feel like I’m in here too much, but I’m also at my most comfortable here. So I think it just depends.

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(Play) List

Day 2 of the Every Day Inspiration course asked that we write a list, but I didn’t feel like actually writing a list, so here’s the current F Yeah Underground Music playlist from my Soundcloud. I doubt that anyone could like all of it – because I sure didn’t – but some of it might sound good, and that’s all that matters.


Why Do You Write / Why Do You Blog

Recently (yesterday), I decided to try another Blogging University course because I really wanted to up the productivity of my blog. While a lot of these posts will be able to be publicly seen, I won’t be sharing them much because they’re basically practice. So if you like them, thanks, but I personally won’t care if nobody sees them. This particular post is one of those entries.

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Whenever I think about the word “healthy”, I think about the different aspects of life that need to become that way. You should have a healthy mental state; you should have healthy relationships; you should have a healthy appetite and body; you should be healthy.

Here’s the thing: how does one get to be healthy?

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I need to play catchup with my posting schedule, and I have extra room in my daily word count, so I decided to participate in the Daily Prompt. The one word prompts usually never work for me, but this one is something that I love.

When I see the word shelf, I immediately think about the bookshelves in my room. They’re all deep brown and wooden, and go really well with the light blue paint on my walls. My favorite, though, is the custom-made, ceiling -high piece in the corner that’s the first thing you see when you walk into my room.

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I had originally intended to have this posted for yesterday, but it actually plays to the message that I’m writing you that it won’t actually be posted until it’s done.

When the year started, I had given myself a ton of expectations. I felt like goals were too easy to give up on, but if I expected myself to do particular things, then I would be much more likely to follow through. So I wrote down a full list of things that I had expected to do in 2016.

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