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Top 5 Wednesday: Most Unlikeable Characters

If I somehow manage to push out 5 posts in the next 5 days, I’ll be surprised and terribly accomplished. If not, I’ll still have managed to do one post for every week in July. That doesn’t seem like much, but anything is plenty when you’re depressed.

Today’s Top 5 Wednesday topic is Most Unlikeable (non-villain) Characters, which might be a bit of a reach for me. The thing about it is that it’s so much easier for me to pick out unlikeable characters in a show than I do in a book. In a book you end up knowing everyone’s motivations, so you tend to sympathize with them more. In a show, you only know what the directors and writers want you to know, so you make your own opinions. For me, that’s a little easier.

Yet and still, every written character is not meant to be liked.

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Top 5 Wednesday: Most Recent Additions To Your Wish List

Oh gosh, when was the last time that I did a Top 5 Wednesday post? According to my calendar, it was March. Now I can’t vouch for April or May, but I’m pretty damn sure that I couldn’t relate to  any of June’s topics. July though? Only my own poor timing could stop me from doing any of these.

Everything on today’s list is coming from Amazon, because that’s where I’m most likely to build a wish list. GoodReads is great for tracking my reading, but my To-Read list doesn’t make much of a distinction between what’s already in my library and what’s still in the store waiting for me to buy it. I could clean it up a bit, but all of the secondary lists are connected to the three main ones, so it’s never as clean as you want it to be.

In any case, here are the most recent additions to my Amazon wish list (for books):

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#FridayReads – June 10, 2016

This week (and last) I read a ton of trades that I thought were just amazing. So I rounded them all up, and put them here.

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#FridayReads – Legend

I actually read this about two weeks ago, and I almost didn’t even bother to review it, but I tend to not put any books back on the shelf until I’m finished with them. And I’m not finished with a book until I review it.

I have gained some interesting blogging habits, but they seem to be working out.

In Marie Lu’s Legend, two teenagers get caught up in a government scheme when one is framed for the murder of the other’s elder brother. In this dystopian series, children in The Republic are tested on their tenth birthday. Those who pass are placed into their assigned futures; those who fail essentially disappear. But there is something wrong with this system, and June and Day are the ones who are going to figure it out.

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#FridayReads – Injustice: Gods Among Us, Vol. 1

I’ve been wanting to read this comic ever since I played the video game for two seconds. The funny thing is, I never really got the gist of it from the game because I’d never actually seen it in story mode. Every time I played it, it was against one of my friends. And then, when I finally decided to read the comic, no store ever had Volume 1.

I don’t even remember how I got a hold of the copy that I have now. I’m pretty sure there was a sale involved, and my comic book store might have been hyping up some random comic book event, but I was just too happy to finally get my hands on Volume 1 that I just did not care.

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#FridayReads – Post #100

Originally, I had intended to have something spectacular planned for my 100th post, but I never actually got around to writing whatever that spectacular thing was supposed to be. It’s weird; it doesn’t feel like I’ve written one hundred posts, but I’ve got ninety-nine published already and this one will be next.

Before I go forward, I just want to thank everyone who has bothered to subscribe to my blog. For whatever reason, you’ve found my blog entertaining enough to keep up with. For that I thank you, and I promise to try to get a little bit more creative with these posts. Thanks for reading.

Okay, now that that’s been said, let’s talk about the three books I’ve read (or finished reading) this week:

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Top 5 Wednesdays: Books I Did Not Finish

Once again, I wanted join in for a round of Top 5 Wednesdays. I’ve missed most of the month, but my plans for today were cancelled, so I decided to catch up.

There are a ton of book that I have not finished, for a number of different reasons, but these were the ones at the very top of my head. You’ll notice that a couple of them are literary classics, but when did that ever stop something from being boring?

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Teen Titans (2011 [Vol. IV]) Vol. 2 – The Culling

I just want to preface this by saying that I skipped a Top 5 Wednesday post to write this, and it will not count as my Friday Read. There are problems with this book, so I won’t be recommending it without the other volumes. Therefore we’ll call this post a review.

So last week I read the first volume of the 2011 Teen Titans run because I have been a fan of this group since I was a teenager myself. Whether they call themselves Teen Titans, grown-up Titans, or Young Justice, you can bet I’ll be somewhere rooting them on. I like team books because they allow you to focus on more than one person. Like, I get bored with solo books because focusing on one character can get boring really quickly. However, you will never hear me complain too much about We Are Robin, simply because I have something like five Robins to read about at any given time.

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#FridayReads -Teen Titans (2011 [Vol. IV]), Vol. 1: It’s Our Right To Fight

You know, except for  not reading The Casual Vacancy – and not writing this post on the correct day – I’m on track to hitting most of my February goals. I believe that’s what you would call progress.

You gotta appreciate the small things.

Considering that I started this on a Friday, I’d like to contribute my review of volume 1 of Scott Lobdell’s run of Teen Titans to the Friday Reads tag. In the New 52 iteration of my favorite teenaged superhero crew, we follow Red Robin as he tries to stop the nefarious organization, N.O.W.H.E.R.E., from kidnapping and experimenting on teenaged metahumans. Along the way, Red Robin builds a team that consists of old favorites like Kid Flash, Superboy, and Wonder Girl, as well as newcomers Bunker, Skritter, and Solstice. As far as Teen Titans lineups go, this one is definitely worth your curiosity.

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