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Does The Demon King Always Have to Marry a Little Girl?

You see, I‘ve been seeing this trope for years and only recently realized how weird that is. It’s not always a little girl, nor is it always a demon king, but it’s definitely always someone that can be thought of as a minor with someone else who is definitely not. More often than not, the other person tends to be at least a century old. 

Whether you are hesitant to call that pedophilia or not, I call that weird. 

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A Tale of Two Howards

Originally written for Fandom Following. Now hosted on Canonically Courtnee.

Before I begin, I have to start this post by clarifying that what I am about to say to you can only be considered a Bullshit Fan Theory. When I began building this theory back in 2014, It was only ever meant to be a minor part of a fangirl’s review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. However, as time went on, the theory just so happened to continue to work. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this particular tangent could become something that, while still able to be picked apart, could so cohesively flow into a working fan theory. Surely Marvel couldn’t be so clumsy.

It all started with Howard Stark. Or rather, the two actors playing Howard Stark. Better yet, it started with Captain America. Continue reading “A Tale of Two Howards”

The Hill You Choose To Die On

Recently, I wrote a post for Fandom Following called “Blind Fandom”, as part of an ongoing “Adventures In Fangirling” series. The intention of the post was to talk about how one should be aware of the things that go on both in their fandoms and the franchises that those fandoms are centered around. However, the comments ended up devolving into both a critique and defense of the way that the site I write for criticizes Game of Thrones. So that brought me to this thought: when arguing about fandom, even before you decide to pick your battle, you have to be sure that this particular fandom is the hill you want to die on.

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Adventures in Fangirling: Blind Fandom

Originally written for Fandom Following.

I used to be a John Campea fan. I listened to his podcast when it was AMC Movie Talk, I cried with him when he quit to do something else, and I even made the switch when the crew moved to Collider. I may have put money into his Kickstarter. I put a good bit of thought into rolling with him when he decided to do his own thing whilst also covering San Diego Comic Con, because I liked John Campea’s opinions about films and television. I also agreed heavily with something that he had once said about fandom.

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Your Problematic Fave: Korean Dramas

Originally written for Fandom Following. 

Hello All,

Greetings from Korean Drama Hell!

So last month, I told you all about my first foray into foreign television and Korean Entertainment Products with Boys Over Flowers. Because of that post, one of my readers was nice enough to share with me her experience with the source material, Hana Yori Dango, as well as other Asian Dramas. She also got me thinking about something: there was a ton of problematic messages being conveyed in Boys Over Flowers, despite its popularity. And it’s not just Boys Over Flowers, these things show up in quite a few other K-dramas.

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Adventures In Fangirling: Boys Over Flowers

Originally written for Fandom Following. 

Whenever I get into a new entertainment product, I look at it as an adventure in fangirling. I having spent the last fourteen years observing fanfiction trends, and appreciating the work other fans put into supporting their favorite entertainment product (I’m going to keep saying entertainment product until someone gives me a better word for these things/properties/franchises that we build fandoms for). I have always been interested in different fandom trends, histories, and even just what fandom looks like in different entertainment mediums. However, as someone who at one point wanted to study fandom in it’s many forms, I would be missing a good chunk of the story if I only looked at American entertainment products. Fangirls rarely keep to their own cultures.

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The Bait and the Vessel: The Dynamic of Vader and Sidious

Originally written for FandomFollowing/ The Fandomentals.

As a fangirl, I believe in Canon Immersion. Canon Immersion is the need to intake everything in a series that can be considered canon, so that when you talk/write/etc. about it, you are coming from a place of fact. That way any type fandom speculation you come up with will always have a valid basis.

If no one has coined this term yet, let me be the first. If someone has, or this exists in another form already, such is life. I just came here to talk about Star Wars.

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#RenewMinorityReport – What Now?

Originally written for Fandom Following.

Every time I start a post about Minority Report, I do a Google search about the status of it’s cancellation. I want to be as hopeful as I can when I write these posts because I don’t think that there’s any point in me writing about a show whose fate has already been decided. The thing is, Minority Report – even two months out and with it’s lead actor on a totally different show – hasn’t been officially cancelled.

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Anakin Skywalker Never Had a Chance

Originally written for Fandom Following.

I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but I am an Anakin Skywalker fan. Not Darth Vader, Anakin “Creeper Stance” Skywalker. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t absolve him of any of his crimes. Anakin Skywalker is a murderer, wife-abuser, and the cause of the downfall of the Jedi Order, these are things I will never deny. However, I’ve come to realize that it was inevitable that Anakin would go to the Darkside. Even without knowing that he would eventually become Darth Vader, it’s plain to see that Anakin never stood a chance.

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