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This page is for links to almost every fanfiction review/recommendation that I have ever written. This current list misses a night full of reviews that I only wrote one paragraph each on, but I don’t plan on redoing them anytime soon. All of these reviews were originally posted on

“Lucky Seven” by BetteNoire

“Into The Breach” by roryheadmav

“We Gonna Be Alright” by mikeymagee

“To Live Again” by niteryde

“Sinking Ships” by standinginanicedress

“Wearing Robert’s Crown” by drakensis

“Pretend We’re in Love (The Heartache Still Hurts)” by InsaneJuliann

“Caveman Thor and Loki” by Icemaidenstory

“Favoured” by ChloeWeird

“The Last Living Souls” by AddictedToTheWrittenWord

ThornlessRose96’s Happy Family AU

“Constants” by helsinkibaby

KouriArashi’s The Searching Ceremonies

“Taking The Stairs” by Boom

“Into The Wild” by CaptainTarthister 

“The Tale of the Odinson and the Frost Giant” by LokiBitch07

“The Conquest” by Dolorous Edditor

“Sua Sponte” by the_wordbutler

“A Second Beginning” by Sannikex

“No Homo” by RemainNameless

“Compensation” by vonherder

“A Million Shades of Blue” by Not Applicable

“Apres La Guerre” by waterlilyif

“White Flowers on Steel Toe Boots” by Dynamic_Ideation

“James Barnes, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” by Kala_Sathinee

Mhalachai’s “Hands of Clay”

“nothing is infinite” by Anjala_Organna

“The Mood Indigo” by gnimaerd

“Poppies of the Field” by kaasnot

“20th Century Limited” by Speranza

“The Hereafter of Things” by buckstiel

“Not Easily Conquered” by dropdeaddream and WhatAreFears (Part 3 of Not Easily Conquered series)

“The Squire of Dragonstone” by EmynIthilien

“Faith” by northernlass49

“The Songs of the North” by Atri

osprey_archer’s Reciprocity series

“our golden age” by Augustbird

“180 Days and Counting” by SaraNoH and the_wordbutler

“Benefit” by ibroketuesday

“Estranged Love” by SapphireBlueJiyuu and winterwaters

“Trials and Tricks” by WendyNerd

“Darkest Evening of the Year” by SunFlowerSales

Parts 1 and 2 of Not Easily Conquered series by dropdeaddream and WhatAreFears

“Into That Good Night” by Nonymous

DolorousEdditor’s Fics Break My Heart Whilst Shipping My OTP

“A Better Fate” by ColdHandsLuke

“A Healing Twist of Love” by Sparkles59

“Devil’s Gonna Follow Me Wherever I Go” by Lyaka

Niteryde’s Exploration of Vegeta

“Froth” by forthright

AngelExposed’s Fanfiction: Marvel Should Probably Hire Her

ExecutiveShrimp and the Really Good Gundam Wing Fanfics

“The Minister’s Wife” by stuckonprivetdrive

“Once Known” by Drau419

“Six and a Half Weeks” by SherriSciFi

Rrabbit’s Fanfiction: In Which Draco is Still Pretty Much a Bad Guy

“Out of the Loop” by RubyLadybug

“Super What?” by karynthia

“Forsaken Love” by fairmaidofkent

“He’s Got High Hopes” by TheUnbreakableSnapeFan

“No Expectations” by thisbluepeony

“The Mokomoko Drabbles” by pammazola

“Warheads” by ExecutiveShrimp

“Just Friends” by TheUltimateGambit91

“Sex Pistol” by ArticialAorta

“Renegade” by FigureinBlack

“Bite Into” by ChronicallyInflaming

“Forget Me Not” by Tuille

“Ten Years From Now” by DinosaursRDead

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