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Allen Stone

#MusicMonday Allen Stone’s Building Balance

In a way, I’ve built a brand on Allen Stone. As early as 2012, I was covering his concerts for my  personal Tumblr as a way to practice my blogging skills. As late as 2016, I was posting my review of Radius on my music blog on Tumblr that had started out as an Allen Stone fan site

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I haven’t written a post in about ten days, according to my stats. The funny thing about it is that I literally have a calendar full of days when I’m supposed to publish different types of posts. Technically, I have done the post that was scheduled for earlier this week, but it went to another blog entirely. I was quite serious when I said I run other blogs. In fact, I’m going to take the time to talk about one of them today.

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[Review] Allen Stone’s Radius

If you’ve read any of my writings since 2012, you’ll be very much aware that I am an Allen Stone fan. He was introduced to me by my friend, Bunny, with whom I run the fan Tumblr, FYeahAllenStone. I want to say that he was suggested to me in March of 2012, and, by May, I was at fangirl status as far as his music was concerned. He was my very first non-church related concert; the experience is something that Bunny and I, along with our friend, Dee, still talk about to be this day. It was so good, that we went to see him play almost the exact same setlist 5 months later, and another modified version in August of 2014. So when I tell you that I have been waiting years for this album, I mean it.

Before I go any further, I want to let it be known that I write this review as a fan dedicated to this man’s work. This album is definitely worth your money and your time, but if you want an unbiased review that just says “YASSS, this album is great!!!” and gives it some random rating, you need to go elsewhere.

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The REI Summer Festival

Editor’s Note: All of the band names are links to separate Tumblr posts about each performance.

So when Allen Stone released his new tour list, I was quite a bit sad because he didn’t seem to have any Houston dates. My FYeahAllenStone co-blogger, Bunny, had already decided we were all gonna make the Austin show in October, since we hadn’t seen him the last time he was in Houston. We’d already heard the setlist twice and had no interest in making it a third time. This new tour though? It promised new material AND a new album.

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