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#FridayReads – The Obelisk Gate

If someone ever asks you who my favorite author is, I want you to tell them that it’s N.K. Jemisin. Not that old man in New Mexico, not the lady from the UK, not even Tamora Pierce. Nora K. Jemisin. Tell them I love her; tell them she destroyed my life. I’ve been screaming her praises for the past year, and nothing in this world can make me regret it. Why? Because The Fifth Season was phenomenal, and its sequel, The Obelisk Gate, did not disappoint.

Picking up almost directly from the end of The Fifth Season, The Obelisk Gate is essentially about Essun’s quest to save what remains of the world, if only to have some place to continue rasing her still-missing daughter, Nassun. Nassun, on the other hand, learns how to cope in a world that fears her, with a father that despises her.

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[Review] Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians

In Crazy Rich Asians, we follow the Young family as they welcome grandson Nicholas’ girlfriend, Rachel Chu, to Singapore to attend Nicholas’ best friends’ wedding. And while Rachel expects to find a nice, traditional Chinese family doing nice and traditionally Chinese things, what she actually gets is a whole different ball game.

Still working on my summary game, but I’ll most definitely get there.

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