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A Little Braver


So I’ve had this New Empire song rolling around in my head today because I knew I needed another post to stay on track for my goal. I don’t know what I’m supposed to talk about, but I figure it’s worth a shot.

Warning: This post doesn’t have very much to do with fragility. 

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Gaslighting For Beginners

Originally written for Fandom Following / The Fandomentals. 

Tumblr has been trying to teach me about gaslighting for a good three months now. It’s been popping up in people’s long posts, I’ve read it in some of the discourses, and I’ve even acknowledged that this is a thing that has unintentionally been done to me. At least, I think it was unintentional … In any case, gaslighting is not a new word to me. However, I have only just recently been able to correctly identify it.

Awhile back, I used to teach ninth grade English. One of the first things I ever told my students was to not ever use a word that they were not comfortable with. Knowing and defining a word is entirely different from actually understanding it’s use and applying it correctly. That’s how I feel about gaslighting, and other words that I wouldn’t normally use. I’m particular about how people judge my writing, so things like this are important to me. You can come at me for my punctuation usage, but I’ll be damned if I let you Inigo Montoya me.

Inigo Montoya + that word 1.gif

Inigo Montoya + that word 2.gif

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This Week in K-Dramas: My Love From Another Star

Originally written for Fandom Following / The Fandomentals. 

I told myself that I wouldn’t write another K-Drama post, but I also told myself, and some of you, that my next post would be about Star Wars. I’m still not sure which is the bigger lie. Still, I’m due for a new post and Children of the Jedi is no closer to being read than it was last month or the month before. Do you know what is ready to be talked about, though? My latest K-Drama binge watch: My Love From Another Star. Continue reading “This Week in K-Dramas: My Love From Another Star”

Your Problematic Fave: Korean Dramas

Originally written for Fandom Following. 

Hello All,

Greetings from Korean Drama Hell!

So last month, I told you all about my first foray into foreign television and Korean Entertainment Products with Boys Over Flowers. Because of that post, one of my readers was nice enough to share with me her experience with the source material, Hana Yori Dango, as well as other Asian Dramas. She also got me thinking about something: there was a ton of problematic messages being conveyed in Boys Over Flowers, despite its popularity. And it’s not just Boys Over Flowers, these things show up in quite a few other K-dramas.

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Adventures In Fangirling: Boys Over Flowers

Originally written for Fandom Following. 

Whenever I get into a new entertainment product, I look at it as an adventure in fangirling. I having spent the last fourteen years observing fanfiction trends, and appreciating the work other fans put into supporting their favorite entertainment product (I’m going to keep saying entertainment product until someone gives me a better word for these things/properties/franchises that we build fandoms for). I have always been interested in different fandom trends, histories, and even just what fandom looks like in different entertainment mediums. However, as someone who at one point wanted to study fandom in it’s many forms, I would be missing a good chunk of the story if I only looked at American entertainment products. Fangirls rarely keep to their own cultures.

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