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Last Month in Comics – September 2016

I have rescheduled this post more times than I needed to this week, simply because I could not bring myself to start this stack. 20 comics in one go is exhausting, and I still feel like I’m missing three titles. I usually like to have these kinds of posts done by the eighth of the month, but here it comes on the ninth, which is good enough in my book.

September was an interesting month in the Marvel universe, as everyone currently involved in Civil War II had something to say about Bruce Banner’s death. Which is fine, but I’m pretty sure this could have been said in August. Over at Archie Comics, Josie and the Pussycats makes its debut, whilst Jughead gets a new writer and Archie ends its second arc. Black Mask Studios debuts The Forevers, and DC is apparently in need of a web editor. Those blank banners aren’t going to fix themselves.

You’ll notice that the cover image for this post is from Captain America: Steve Rogers. Even though I’m not a big fan of that run, I can’t deny how cute this cover is.

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Last Month in Comics – August 2016

Hey all, I’m finally back on the scene with the last bit of my August list. The good thing about it is that I also have most of my September comics as well. The bad part? These posts are almost as exhausting as setting up the queue for my music blog. In a good way, though!

So, without further ado, here’s last month in comics:

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This Week In Comics – April 11, 2016

In an effort to shorten my monthly round up of comics on my pull list, I have decided to try to do some weekly installments when I can. It means shorter posts, but at least they’ll be timely.

These comics were all released on Wednesday, April 6th, so I think I’m still well within my right to title this post This Week in Comics, instead of Last Week.

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Last Month In Comics – January 2016


This was supposed to say, This Month in Comics, but I ended up not finishing it until sometime this morning. I also thought about adding some issue from my December pull list, but I ended up only referencing them. I did do November, but I was unable to pull them from Twitter the way that I wanted them to. So there’s that.

In any case, I’ve decided to categorize this months comics by their publishers, with the exception of the mini-series that have concluded. I put those at the end. I will also not cover any of the issues that made up the Robin War, simply because I gave that event a whole post. Go read it. Continue reading “Last Month In Comics – January 2016”

This Week in Comics – October 8, 2015

The date should really say September 30th, but I found WestAllen fan fiction and my whole life changed. However, that did give me time to go to the comic book store again and pick up more titles to talk about. So, it worked out.

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This Week in Comics – August 2015

So, if you follow my blog, you’ll notice that majority of my recent posts have been book reviews. That is mostly because I’ve been reading a lot, and writing reviews is good writing practice. However, I haven’t just been reading books; I’ve been reading comics too. So, while I will not be reviewing any comics that I’ve already read for the year, I will be reviewing all of my comics from this point forward.

In an effort to normalize my posts, “This Week in Comics” will cover any comics that I have purchased in the comic book store in time to make the post. I will also do another, less regular, post called “This Week on My Bookshelf” to cover any comics that have already been bought, but never been read. That way I can keep up with all the new comics, but still talk about some of the older ones.

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AngelExposed’s Fanfiction: Marvel should probably hire her.

Site: Fanfiction.Net

Rating: T-M

Ship: Romy (Rogue/Gambit)

Warning: There’s a good bit of Angst to go around.

So, this author, AngelExposed, has been writing this major collection of X-Men fanfics for years. They’re called the Dismal Angel Episodes, and it’s basically seventy-three six-chaptered fics collected into three series. I haven’t read the whole thing so I can’t tell you what the entire story is about, but I can tell you that this is some good stuff. Like Marvel should really consider hiring her.

From what I can tell, this series is majorly Romy centric, so you already know that’s drama. I jumped into it during the current third series, DA Revelations. I haven’t read the whole thing, but it’s basically Remy finding out he has a daughter and trying to turn his life around. It sounds nice and straight forward, but I’m being very lazy by not telling you what’s really good. You need to read it.

I suggest reading it from the beginning of the first series, mostly because this chick is not going to be done anytime soon. She’s been known to take a few years worth of gaps, and I am entirely willing to let her have it if I can get some  more good stuff out of her.

So, um yea, if you love a good angsty Romy, where Rogue and Gambit’s relationship is beyond screwed up, the origins of Gambit’s daughter is villianously unknown, and there’s some underlying Kurrty tension (plus Kitty’s out of wedlock child), then this is totally the fanfic for you.

Go read it!

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