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Top 5 Wednesdays:Books I’d Want To See As TV Shows

Don’t be surprised if this posts on Thursday morning, it’ll still count as a Top 5 Wednesday post.

This week we’re talking about Books We’d Like to See As TV Shows. And while I’d watch a show based on any book in my personal library, there are a few that I would specifically go to bat for.

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Top 5 Wednesday: Most Recent Additions To Your Wish List

Oh gosh, when was the last time that I did a Top 5 Wednesday post? According to my calendar, it was March. Now I can’t vouch for April or May, but I’m pretty damn sure that I couldn’t relate to  any of June’s topics. July though? Only my own poor timing could stop me from doing any of these.

Everything on today’s list is coming from Amazon, because that’s where I’m most likely to build a wish list. GoodReads is great for tracking my reading, but my To-Read list doesn’t make much of a distinction between what’s already in my library and what’s still in the store waiting for me to buy it. I could clean it up a bit, but all of the secondary lists are connected to the three main ones, so it’s never as clean as you want it to be.

In any case, here are the most recent additions to my Amazon wish list (for books):

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Top 5 Wednesdays – Biggest Badasses

So, recently I’ve decided to get out and do some community posts, because Blogging 101 suggested that as a way to build your blog. Also, I’ve been looking for a reason to make more friends on Goodreads, and Top 5 Wednesdays is right up my alley.

So the idea is to list your top five choices of whatever that week’s topic is, and this week is Biggest Badasses. It’s not outright stated, but you get the idea that your choices are from works of literature since Goodreads is ultimately a book site. However, the way in which you decide to display your top five choices is entirely up to you.

That being said, here are my Top 5 Biggest Badasses – in no particular order:

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[Review] N. K. Jemisin’s The Kingdom of Gods

So it took a month, but I finally got done with N.K. Jemisin’s Inheritance trilogy. I can honestly say that it was well worth the wait.

In The Kingdom of Gods, Lord Sieh, the god of tricks and childhood, is made mortal after making a vow of eternal friendship with two Arameri children. At first, Sieh expects to fit in and live a relatively normal life until his doting parents can find a solution for his predicament. However, when it turns out to only be a symptom of a much bigger problem, Sieh must do his best to help a world he had given up on.

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