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Last Month in Comics – August 2016

Hey all, I’m finally back on the scene with the last bit of my August list. The good thing about it is that I also have most of my September comics as well. The bad part? These posts are almost as exhausting as setting up the queue for my music blog. In a good way, though!

So, without further ado, here’s last month in comics:

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This Month In Comics – May 2016

Hey All!

I am back again with the whole of my May pull list: 16 issues from 16 different comics. I refuse to call this Last Month In Comics because I wrote majority of it while we were still in May, and June starts on New Comic Book Day. Deal with it.

This (last) month, two of my favorite comics ended! Also, Steve Rogers came back as a White Supremacist, and I actually liked a Cyborg issue. Crazy month, this May was.

Let’s begin!

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Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl

Once again, here is a novel that was suggested as the September pick for the book club that I am in. What’s interesting about it is that it was also recommended to me from one of my best friends about a year ago. I have never been shy about admitting that I am a fangirl: I live and breath fandom in all of it’s forms, even if I am not overly active in it. I’m pretty sure that one of my favorite fanfic authors is also friends with Rainbow Rowell, and she might write fanfics herself, but that’s neither here nor there.

Fangirl is the story of Simon Snow fangirl, Cath, who has recently begun her first year at Nebraska State University. Cath has a very interesting case of social anxiety that she seems to cope with by writing Simon Snow fan fiction. She has a huge following. The thing is, even Simon Snow can’t stop Cath’s world from crashing down around her.

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Joy Deangdeelert Cho’s Blog, Inc.: Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community

I read this book for obvious reasons. I run a blog, but I also want to be known as a blogger. I want a bigger readership, and I currently want to be paid to blog. If this site never gets monetized I’d be perfectly fine, but getting checks for writing has always been my life goal.

In any case, Blog,Inc. talks about why blogging is good to build the brand of a creative. Joy Cho runs her own blog, Oh Joy!, and, in this book, she goes step by step over what you need to know about building a blog of your own. Littered throughout this book are Cho’s interviews with eighteen other bloggers about why they decided blog and how it changed their lives. I liked this book simply because it made me think about what I really want to do with this blog, and how I should go about getting more readers.

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Baratunde Thurston’s How To Be Black

I first bought this book because Amazon said that it was often paired with Dear White People, which was what I had really intended to buy at the time. How To Be Black sat on my bookshelf for three months until my boyfriend picked it up, then spent another four months being partially read at his apartment until we recently broke up. When I got it back, I decided that it would be a good idea to actually read it, and that took me all of two days. I don’t know why I took so long to read this book; it’s very funny and insightful.

Baratunde Thurston’s How To Be Black is not a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to be a black person. It does not work that way. The novel really talks a lot about Thurston’s experience as a black man growing up in Washington, DC, having attended the premiere Ivy League school, and making a way for himself in the United States of America.

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[Review] Allen Stone’s Radius

If you’ve read any of my writings since 2012, you’ll be very much aware that I am an Allen Stone fan. He was introduced to me by my friend, Bunny, with whom I run the fan Tumblr, FYeahAllenStone. I want to say that he was suggested to me in March of 2012, and, by May, I was at fangirl status as far as his music was concerned. He was my very first non-church related concert; the experience is something that Bunny and I, along with our friend, Dee, still talk about to be this day. It was so good, that we went to see him play almost the exact same setlist 5 months later, and another modified version in August of 2014. So when I tell you that I have been waiting years for this album, I mean it.

Before I go any further, I want to let it be known that I write this review as a fan dedicated to this man’s work. This album is definitely worth your money and your time, but if you want an unbiased review that just says “YASSS, this album is great!!!” and gives it some random rating, you need to go elsewhere.

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Supergirl Could Be Great, But It Needs Work

The Supergirl pilot leaked this week, and I was way too curious to not watch it. I, of course, had many opinions about it, so a friend of mine asked me to write them down so that he could share it on his blog as a criticism from the female perspective. To be honest, I don’t know if my opinion can be considered the female perspective, simply because I don’t view it as such. However, here’s my opinion of this particular show as someone who has spent years enjoying television, and loves superhero shows.

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