First Time Using a Mac

And it is the most confusing piece of machinery I have ever dealt with. The Command button is the Ctrl button; the Control button is really Alt; the Option button, the says Alt in it’s upper right corner, is really just some piece of stylistic trickery the Steve Jobs placed on the keyboard as a big middle finger to Bill Gates and the folks at IBM.

I realize that they may not have anything to do with the original alt button, but you should really be glad that I’m even aware that IBM had that much to do with PC origins.

I’ll agree that the smooth surfaces feel really nice, but I feel so out of my element. I’m almost as uncomfortable on this laptop as I am when I’m trying to write on my tablet/phone/iPod. It feels like this Mac is not meant to hold any serious work for me.

Still, it’s only my first day, and this is really a loaner. It may grow on me, but it will take time. I don’t see myself leaving PCs any time soon.

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