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Review Roundup – Janaury 11th to February 21st, 2021

To be fair, I wrote most of these reviews at the beginning of February.

This last month has been a bit interesting. I just wasn’t as into the year as I thought I would be, and I definitely wasn’t reading for at least 3 weeks. I won’t say I’m fully back, but I’ve definitely been trying to pull myself together.

Everything I have read in the past month has been pretty easy, as I like to get my readings done in as little sittings as possible. I’ve been working on War Girls for months – to the point that I have a Friday Reads post two-thirds written and I need to finish this book to write the last third – but I just can’t get through it. NK Jemisin has started a whole other series, and I won’t even to pretend to fake my readers out until I can whole-heartedly commit to it.

I intend to do something other than quick Romances this year, but y’all might have to bear with me until I can get past this.

Half Light by Tayari Jones

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amelia and Camelia are identical twins who are nothing alike. However, they come together to steal back a painting from Amelia’s ex-husband. It’s in the taking back of this treasured item, that the two begin to understand each other better.

I enjoy Tayari Jones as an author, but I really like the mildness of the drama in this story. Don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely wonderful, but Jones has always been one to deliver gut punches that I’m not always sure I can handle.

I liked this though. I liked that this story is essentially a slice of life that could all go to shit tomorrow. There’s nothing to say that Amelia’s ex won’t come looking for that painting, or press charges. I like that we end on a happy note.

I recommend this to anyone who likes a good story, or loves Tayari Jones.

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London Royal by Nana Malone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Page Turner

Abbie Natey just wanted to live out her dreams in London and get away from her past. Alexi Chase just wanted freedom. Can they both find their hearts desires in each other?

This book went slower than I expected, but I noticed it was going that way pretty early. I appreciate it though, I feel like I got to know the characters better.

The things Alexi is holding back from Abbie could really bite him in the ass, but I’m in it for the long run so I’m willing to see how it plays out.

I would definitely recommend this to other that want a buildup instead of instalove.

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London Soul by Nana Malone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Quick Read

In this follow up to London Royal, Abbie and Alex try to figure themselves out, but will Lex’s secrets keep them apart?

I don’t know, I think that I expected a little more from this story. Maybe a little more drama from the outside factors.

I think it sucks that Abbie’s family never came around, and I really thought that there’d be more to Lex’s situation with his dad. Still, it made for a an interesting read, and I’m happy I gave it a shot. It definitely made me interested in going forward with the series.

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The Layover by L. Loren

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Connor Wyatt hasn’t had the greatest luck, but when he meets Lynn Sutton he feels that all of that will change.

To be fair, this had the makings of a good romance, but the delivery could have been much better. We were told a ton of things that we should have been shown.

Do I like these characters? Yes. And I going to continue the series? Yes. But I’d be wrong to not say that there were problems. Thankfully most of them could have been solved with a good editor.

I’d recommend it to anyone who likes a quick read.

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Island Adventures by L. Loren

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’m Already Here

Connor and Lynn just want to be together, and this getaway is for them. Except, everyone wants to tear them apart. Can their love withstand everything that’s thrown at them?

The author likes to rehash things a bit. Problem is, this book doesn’t work as a stand alone, and oftentimes the things rehashed happened two pages ago.

There’s a lot of sex, but the constant drama is wildly gratuitous. Yet and still, I’m already here, so I’ll go ahead and read the next one.

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Destination Home by L. Loren

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Connor and Lynn’s Happily Ever After was cut short very quickly. But they can’t allow that to be so.

I skim read this one. It was drama for the sake of drama and aspects of that ending really came out of nowhere. Serial killers, really? And they didn’t tie it to the sister’s death? Kaleb and Kai had a whole other parent, and we couldn’t bring him back in for some scandal?

It’s a bit disappointing, but I was curious to get to the end.

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Royal Playboy by Nana Malone

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Alexander Chase is bored with women until he stumbles upon Imani Brooks. They both have their own secrets to keep and public faces to hold, but can they find a safe haven in each other?

I’m convinced that the author didn’t know what she wanted to name this heroine, because every time Imani has to say her name something new is added. And considering that we’ve technically known about Imani since the beginning of London Royal, we should just be calling her Aysem since that’s the only name that the author seems to remember.

I like the story well enough, and I hope that it gets better. I wish the author would say how old Alexander is because I’m very curious. I would recommend this one to people who like stories where everyone has a dark history.

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Playboy’s Heart by Nana Malone

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not Bad

Xander and Imani give a relationship a try, but neither are very good about opening up to people. They’ll have to figure that out before they can go forward.

I guess I liked this ending. I’m still trying to figure out how old Xander is supposed to be, but if the author isn’t worried then neither am I.

There’s a noticeable absence of Imani’s sister when we flash back to the present, but Abbie’s family has also disappeared so we kind of get use to it.

Truthfully, people who have already gotten into the series would get the most enjoyment out of it, but if you want a hot, sexy read The Chase brothers can definitely give you that.

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