No Expectations by thisbluepeony

Site: Fanfiction.Net

Genre: Books

Fandom: Harry Potter

Rating: T

Word Count: 20, 435 and counting

Ship: Wolfstar (Sirius/Remus)

Warning: Not much yet

Kay so, this one is set in the 1970s. Sirius is in a band, Remus is a journalist sent to go on tour with them for a month. Friendliness ensues.

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I feel like this fic ended, but I can’t remember if the ending was a happy one. I remember reading another Wolfstar fanfic, that also involved Sirius being in a band, at the same time as I was reading this one. The latter fanfic was more drama-ridden, which is saying  a lot since this one involved a Sirius that loved to love, but didn’t quite know what it is to be in love. And this Remus is so normal, that the whole experience is almost like walking through the wardrobe into Narnia. For him at least; not for you guys, you all just get a nice story about gay guys in what could be ’70s England. Don’t ask me, I spent my formative years in the States.