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Microsoft’s Surface 2

I have a headache.

That’s how I feel at almost an hour of playing around with the Surface 2. Oh it’s pretty. Microsoft definitely went all out on its PC replacement – and it’s definitely a replacement, because this thing refers to itself as a PC. I don’t know if the battery life leaves much to be desired for the simple fact that I just turned it on and started using it. Microsoft could have probably fixed that problem, but there was no “Charge Device Before Using” type of directives, so I just turned this thing on and rolled with it. The 5-10 minutes of configuration might be a hindrance, but I customized this device to my specifications, so that might have been a factor.

Saving this document consisted of 3 minutes of confusion that I will never get back. I know this is a Surface, but I’ve no idea where I just saved this to. The SkyDrive apparently did not want to respond, which is weird because I’m online and this is the first time I’m using this tablet. I’ve heard that there are issues with Office 2013, but Office has never let me down, so I’ll be damned if it does now.

I do not understand how the tablet interface has an email app, but when I switch to the desktop side Outlook wants me to configure it. Why would these two things not be connected? And then there’s the fact that the Facebook app wants to open up a browser when I click a particular notification.

All of that aside, I could work through it. This is technically not my tablet, I’m just testing it for a friend that works for HP. While I had considered making this my main source of computing when I did get my own Surface 2, I would need the kinks figured out before making that switch. Ultimately, I’m a PC girl, and I have honestly never had an issue with Microsoft that could not be fixed.

Until I found out that I could not download Google Chrome.

Now, I have no idea if I have said this before, but I cannot operate in life without Google Chrome. I could live without Android, Facebook and every app that is available to make my life easier. But if you tell me that your device cannot support Chrome, then I will tell you that your device is unusable. There is honestly no point in me going any further with this experiment if I cannot use Chrome.

And I know that someone might ask, “Eurydice, why are you such a diehard Chrome fan?” Well, I don’t know any other browser that I can log into with an email account that will bring up all of my bookmarks and specifications no matter what type of device I happen to be using. As long as it can support a Chrome app or the full Chrome Browser, I can be able to function.

So imagine my shock when the Surface 2 tells me that it cannot run even the Windows 8 version of Chrome, and maybe I should look in the Windows Store for the app. I looked in the Window store, the app does not seem to exist. And don’t give me the Google Search crap. There is no point in making a Google Search app when you could have just called it a day and supported a full Chrome browser. Why build a PC replacement when you cannot support something that is supposed to function on all PCs?

I understand that Microsoft wants to push Internet Explorer and Bing, but they just do not standup to what I can get from Google and Chrome. Even Apple had to give in, because who the hell actually uses Safari? I have a great bit of love for Firefox, but mine has been corrupted too much for me to make the attempts with it. I’ve only ever used Opera because of work, and that was probably once.

And so, in conclusion, I will call the Surface 2 – by itself, without any of the essential but seemingly expensive add-ons that won’t become available until next year – a failure until it sorts out this Chrome issue. Google’s Android is to phones/tablets what Microsoft is to PCs, but with open sourcing; they’re both easy to use and extremely customizable. I don’t understand how one cannot support the other.


  1. I understand the love for Google Chrome. Prior to using google chrome I really didn’t think there was a real difference in browsers. My logic was if I used internet explorer or any other launcher I could still go to Google itself to browse so I thought it didn’t make a big difference to me. I know now that I was soooo wrong. I can’t even stand to accidentally click on Internet Explorer or Firefox, I had to delete them to make sure this wouldn’t happen. Once you use Chrome there’s no going back. Its convenient and efficient so I completely understand the need for chrome to be available.


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